About US

As the premier purveyor of innovative body art & adornments, LeRouX provides a specially tailored experience for the high end  modern consumer.

Comprised of industry thought leaders, trendsetting artists and expert technicians, LeRouX’s leadership have contributed to the body art and adornments industry for over 20 years.


Uniquely client-centric, LeRouX indulge our valued clients’ curiosity and vision.

Curated galleries of precious artistic gildings ensure diversity in offerings while maintaining an extraordinary level quality and significance. 

Education, safety, and the client experience. The LeRouX team are committed to a flawless safety record. Technicians are required to attain top level safety credentials, undergo extensive in-house training and partake in continuing education programs.

Giving back to the communities we are a part of is deeply important to LeRouX. As our business continues to grow so will our presence and contributions in community outreach, educating young adults, families and health care professionals regarding the important factors involved in perusing one ideal image of who they are.