Tattoo FAQ

Booking with our artists...

How do I book with one of the artists?

At LeRouX, our artists manage their own schedules. We recommend contacting them directly via email but we will be happy to assist you in getting in contact with them or the artist with the soonest availability. 

How far in advance should I book an appointment?

Our artists' schedules vary but we typically recommend getting in touch with the artist at minimum two weeks ahead of time. Please note that larger or more intricate projects may require more notice as some of our artists book out months in advance. 

What type of styles do your artists work in?

LeRouX artists specialize in a variety of styles, ranging from black/grey, traditional, Neo-traditional, watercolor, new school, realism, and more. Please check out our artists' individual portfolios to view their stylistic specialties. 

Our artists don cover-ups for existing tattoos, scars, and other corrective tattooing techniques. 

Pricing Information...

Do you require deposits?

Yes. The deposit amount is up to the artists' discretion and will vary depending on the overall price of the tattoo. On average for most projects, deposits are $100. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. For a full description of our deposit policies, please click this link: 

Why do you require deposits?

Deposits cover the artists' time, where many hours are spent preparing the design before your arrival to the appointment. By placing a deposit, you are also ensuring the agreed upon date and time between you and your artist is secured. 

What is the shop minimum?

Our shop minimum is $80, however, some of our artists set their own minimum and will notify you what those rates are when you book with them. 

Should I leave a tip for the artist?

As in the case with any service industry, tipping is always appropriate and appreciated. Tipping shows the artists they provided good services. 

Do you ever run specials and/or promotions?

Yes. We often host events where original flash designs from our artists are offered at a discount. We will announce these specials on our social media platforms. Please give us a follow and check in for updates on events. 

Before getting a tattoo...

How should I prepare for my tattoo session?

Get plenty of rest the night before, make sure you are well hydrated (and bring something non-alcoholic to drink with you) and eat something substantial at least two hours beforehand.

Also remember to charge your phone, bring any headphones/listening devices/books/etc. 

What should I wear for my appointment?

The appropriate clothing will depend on the area being tattooed. Basic rules are to allow the artist ample access to the area being tattooed, wear comfortable clothing (no need to be fashionable). We also recommend bringing a sweater or pullover garment in case you get cold or need more pillow support.